You always hear that to earn money you have to work a lot, but is it possible to work less and earn more?

The challenge to find out how to work less and earn more came up when reading one of my favorite newsletter As a passionate runner, their newsletter publishes a lot of useful articles, from pure training methods to motivational tips.

In their last edition, there is an article that got my attention, 5 Ways To Exercise Less And Lose More. All against the “old rules” that you need to increase your exercising to lose weight.

With “a fox behind the ear” I started to read the article to find out what was wrong. But do you know what? I didn’t find anything wrong. The opposite, I found the article so interesting that I decided to try the method myself.

Since I started my online business, frequently I find synergies between marathon training and entrepreneurship.

Could it be that the same “5-ways formula” also works for entrepreneurship? The transcription from the world of exercise would then be, 5 ways to work less and earn more.

With an enthusiastic approach, the project started immediately. If you work less and earn more, this would be of good use not only in my own business but also for all other entrepreneurs out there, fighting daily with procrastination and long working days.

Watch the video and see what I found out.

To Work Less And Earn More…..

If you, as I did, start to view the way of working with your business in another way, there are two things you should do.

Not tomorrow, not today….but right NOW!

  1. You should start to apply the 5 tips given in the video
  2. You should click here and sign up immediately to an affiliate business and platform you can trust.

To work less and earn more, whatever you mean by earning, is very much about to pick the low hanging fruits. Do not spend time on things that won’t give you a reasonable rate of return within your personal time frame.

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