Effective marketing is not about you and your product


You and your product are something your potential customer doesn’t care about. Wow! How is that?

Experience and skills learned in life are things you should care about seriously. No matter your background, experience, and skill set, we all have something that can be useful in today’s digital marketing.

Too often, people set a bulletproof barrier between the old classic offline marketing and today’s online marketing. Nothing can be more wrong. The market is the same, and the methods to attract potential customers are the only thing that makes a difference.

The key to being successful in sales can be condensed into the following quote by Brian Tracy:

“Telling is not selling. Only asking questions is selling.”


You and Your Product -How to Sell without Selling

You and Your ProductEarly in my career, I became a vacuum cleaner sales rep doing cold canvassing. I got an assigned area to promote my product, and my success or failure depended entirely on myself and my ability to succeed.

It was the old tough school to learn how to get a customer to purchase your stuff. Imagine somebody knocking on your door, convincing you to be invited to your home. After an hour or so, you’re a lucky owner of a vacuum cleaner that cost you more than 1000 bucks.

I learned this profession, and my results qualified me to occupy management positions in entire companies around the world. 

The path to my success became crystal clear the day I learned that effective selling is not about selling.

In this month of February, my blog will reveal all the steps that you can copy-paste. You and your product are things your potential doesn’t give a sh*t about. 

Back in 2017, we touched on the same topic, but this time, there will be better connections with today’s reality and online marketing.


How to get attention

Doing door-to-door canvassing is the first challenge you have to face when doing direct sales. The person behind the door can be a super potential customer. Still, if you can’t get inside, start a conversation, and show what you have to offer, the rest is worthless.

As a door-to-door sales rep, you must show up with a polite and educated image. The first five seconds can result in a closed door in front of your nose if you don’t make a positive impression.

How do we transform this necessary image in an online business?

In the video below, you will get some valuable tips.


Appropriate introduction

Once you are inside the customer’s house, there is a period of tense feeling. As a stranger, you have been invited to somebody’s home, and naturally, your customer starts a sort of regretting process.

“What have I done?”

“…who is it…maybe a thief…?”

Doubts of this nature are common, as we all act as humans with all kinds of emotions influencing our behavior.

Being a guest at somebody’s home gives you broad input on how to start a conversation and “break the ice.” Start talking golf if you see a golf bag standing in the entrance hall. If a dog or cat is in the house, start talking about pets.

People love to talk about themselves and their interests, and acting this way will quickly create an environment of sympathy.

How do you apply this same psychological “trick” online? The video below will give you good input.  


No One Cares About You and Your Sh*t -How to Sell without Selling

Many believe that online marketing is another world. Well, it is in the sense that you mostly do business without knowing your customer personally. This becomes a significant obstacle, as the introduction “breaking the ice” sequence is often ignored.

As an old vacuum cleaner rep, now thriving in online marketing, I have concluded that the primary successful method is the same. But how to translate a “face-to-face” commercial process into an online marketing procedure.

Watch the video, and find out how you use the same method online as I did when selling vacuum cleaners “door-to-door.”

No One Cares About You and Your product and Sh*t

Here is the link to the page mentioned in the video: https://tvdmexonline.com/ModernWealthy5224

The online world is growing. Commercial transactions become more digital every day. However, the basic methods to successfully come “inside the skin” of a potential customer are the same as they always have been.


You and your product in a successful online business 

You and your product in a successful online business The main reason is that, whether online or offline, commercial deals are made by humans (so far!)

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