It’s not about time but what you can accomplish within a pre-established time frame

The truth is that you can accomplish almost anything if…..

Yes, this “if” used to be the obstacle for almost any failed achievement.

Let’s dive into what time really is.

An hour is and will always be 60 minutes. However, how can some people achieve a lot during these 60 minutes while others make almost nothing? Instead, the latter group of individuals quickly brings up explanations or excuses, like:

“I didn’t have time.”

“The time was not enough.”

“The time blew away.”

An hour can be different for different individuals.

In an earlier article of mine, we discuss the Time from a perspective of resources we all have. If you think it over, time is the only variable 100% democratic. It’s the same number of hours per day for any individual on earth, no matter social group, gender, age, or whatever you would like to add.

The question will then be, what is the formula people use to get much more out of an hour, or what can you accomplish during a given time frame?

What You Can Accomplish In An Hour

What you can achieve in an hourIf you view an hour as a certain quantity of fuel and the time as the vehicle, different persons will be able to reach different distances with the same vehicle, depending on how they drive the car and optimize the consumption of the fuel. The same thing happens with your time.

An hour can be extraordinarily efficient or the contrary, depending on how you are optimizing the hour you have at your disposal. The fundamental keys to efficient use of time are Planning and Focus.

Every professional individual has a plan of how to perform to get the maximum result out of the time. They stick to their plan, and any adjustment during the “journey” aligns with the overall goal.

All this we use to label as Time Management, and it includes many different variables to consider.

Of course, there are a lot of hurdles or obstacles along the road, and with a plan in place, you will know your true destiny if you are having problems.

Like an autopilot on an airplane, your plan and focus will always make corrections for any deviation from the route. You can accomplish your goal if you let your “autopilot” make the necessary corrections when necessary.

Procrastination is probably the most common obstacle and can cause you significant problems if you don’t know how to handle it. See my post on the 21st of October, 2015, where procrastination is the central theme. If you procrastinate, an hour can blow away as it was 5 minutes. So watch out for the procrastination ghost.

If You Optimize Your Time You Can Accomplish Your Goal As Planned.

If you are in the online business, you are aware of all the mentioned obstacles and problems. You might have a plan for the day, but suddenly pop-up windows appear everywhere that you have new emails, “urgent” messages from other sources, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, well, you name it.

You can accomplish your goal as plannedWarning! These are the principal pitfalls, and you can accomplish your goals if you don’t let these obstacles be in command of your activity.

The correct approach is not to fall into temptation but to stick to your plan. Allocate time during the day for the rest of the media you are dealing with. When I have something critical to do with a tight deadline, I use to turn off all other media, even my cell phone, to fully concentrate on my priority number one task.

Over 100 years ago, the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, the founder of what later became the famous “Pareto principle,” better known as the 80/20 rule, observed that 20% of the Italian population received 80% of the income in Italy. The curious thing is that the 80/20 rule is valid for everything in life.

If you are in business and need to improve your sales, you must define what drives sales in your particular niche. Focus 80% of your time on that specific topic, and results will come. When your business reaches the targeted “cruise level,” you will notice something sweet and curious.

Can you guess what it is? Right! 80% of your sales or revenue will come from 20% of your time spent.

Suddenly, an hour starts to be 60 real productive minutes. You can accomplish your goals repeatedly if you stick to this disciplined, effective work method.

Another efficient productivity method worth trying is the Pomodoro technique.

You Can Accomplish Your Goal By Leveraging Your Time

The 80/20 rule is probably the first leverage formula that appeared in modern times. It’s all about leverage, getting more out of doing less.

If we transform it into an hour or 60 minutes, the 80/20 rule means that you can get done in 15 minutes what you earlier needed an hour to do. Do you see the “magic” behind the right planning, execution, and performance?

You can accomplish your goal by leveragingI love the way Jane Anderson expresses it:

“Never mistake motion for action.”

The beauty of the online industry is that there is much more you can do. If you are new to the Internet and online marketing, starting with an affiliate program is highly recommended.

You don’t need to worry about the product, the sales process, the collection, or the indispensable automation platforms to scale up your business.

There are so many other things to think about to make an income online, and if you can leverage this part from the very beginning, you will get a flying start in your Internet business or whatever you’ll be doing in life.

With the system, program, and platform I use, you’ll get all this and much more literally served on a silver platter.

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Everything within the program has an “80/20-rule” flavor, and your time will be well used to create your own business faster than what you think is possible.

It’s all about doing an hour of work in 15 minutes, or if you so prefer, an hour of action corresponds to 4 hours of “old traditional” work.

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