Turn your dream into reality and change everything

This Midsummer it’s the moment you should turn your dream into reality. The truth is that historically, many lives have changed due to the right Midsummer night’s dream.

Midsummer is celebrated in many countries, but in Sweden, it’s a must. Even many Swedes argue that Midsummer is more important than the Swedish National Day celebrated the 6th of June.

Among the traditional rituals during Midsummer, there is one, in particular, to turn your dream into reality.

The Midsummer Maypole (Midsommarstång), the frog dance, all the herring and drinking songs, are maybe the most important rituals. However, there is one ritual that distinguishes Midsummer celebration from any other cultural festival.

Swedes believe, (might be that the belief was stronger years back,) flowers can be the key in their love lives. The tradition states that if a Midsummer reveler collects seven different flowers, and then put them under their pillow, they will dream of their future spouse that night.

That you can turn your dream into reality by a bouquet of flowers under your pillow was a strong belief, and for sure many of the dreams came true.

There are many studies around the topic of dreams, and the scientific conclusions are endless. However, dreams may indeed help us find new patterns and create a combination that breaks well-worn ruts.

After all, the famous quote by Walt Disney has to be taken seriously

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Turn Your Dream Into Reality By Taking Action

Dream into reality by taking action

To turn any dream into reality, you need to follow a specific path. It all starts with….

The Goal Setting

You need to ask yourself:

“Where do I want to be next year, within 10 years…?”

Can you see the dream of your future love by putting flowers under your pillow?

Do not ignore your dream. At the first moment when awake and with the possibility to analyze your dream, never fade it out but try your very best to find the way to let it happen.

A dream often is a direct reflection of your conscious or unconscious passion, Take it seriously.

When you have your goal clearly identified, write it down in a mission and vision statement.

Inventory of Skills and Knowledge

For many, real goals, the skills and knowledge to turn your dream into reality already exist. After all, a dream doesn’t appear from anything. Often an underlying passion appeals to skills you already have. Use them!

Ask yourself what specific skills are needed to let your dream come true. Take the skills you already possess, and try to find the tools to improve them by let’s say 25% in the next coming year.

Find the Right Source to Turn Your Dream Into Reality

After the previous steps, you will notice where you need to improve your knowledge. It could be through a training course, a mentor, or any other source you find suitable. It’s essential to focus on the real need.

During this part of the journey, it’s easy to fall into the trap to pay attention to other skills “good to have.” Leave that for another moment and only concentrate on what’s really needed to accomplish with your goal.

Go back every day to your initial written goal and stay focused on the route to take.

Create Your Learning Agenda

By now, you should have a clear picture of what you need to learn. Use your existing skills and knowledge and identify what new knowledge you need to acquire.

The learning plan should have a timeline. Write it down, starting with where you are right now and where you would like to go. It’s easy to overdo this exercise, so limit yourself to one page in writing.

With too many details, it’s easy to lose the grip of the whole process.

Always Begin With The Most Important

In any process, there are things we like more to work with and also what we like less to do. Never let the “like-and-dislike” formula steer up your work. Go back to your goals and always do the most important first.

Could be a good idea to rank the different tasks on a kind of importance list. Always let the tasks on the top of your list be your priority.


To avoid running into a sort of theoretic plan, it can never be emphasized enough the importance of getting things done.

Divide the whole process into smaller sub-plans. What to be done today, this week, this month, etc.

Kill Your Limiting Beliefs

So far, so good. You’re now working hard to achieve your goals. You will see progress, but also failures. It’s normal in any project. When failures, typically, you begin to doubt about yourself in many aspects.

If you have read this article so far and still haven’t taken any action, your doubts around the whole project could be, for example:

  • No time
  • I’m too old
  • No, I’m too lazy
  • I’m too young
  • Not disciplined enough
  • I never finish what I start
  • One day I’ll do this
  • I don’t have the money
  • ….you can probably extend this list further

These doubts occur mainly due to one crucial thing.


Go back to your goals. Ask yourself:

“Is it a goal I’m passionate about?”

If your answer is “No,” re-do your goal-setting.

If your answer is “Yes,” I have something good for you:

Action leads to confidence!


Time To Turn Your Dream Into Reality

When I put my “flowers under the pillow” some years ago, I had a dream of becoming my own boss. The dream to live life on my terms, traveling the world, being more time with my family and to write my own paycheck, made me go through the steps described in this article.

The first two steps were quite easy, but when the time to search for the right source to turn my dream into reality, I struggled a bit until I finally found the source that could serve me throughout the rest of the process.

There are not many systems and platforms that can give you the whole package, from training to execution.

After the success to achieve my goal, I’m now on a mission to help other people on the same mission I am.

Put seven flowers under your pillow tonight, and if your dream is similar to the one I had, click the banner below and get a flying start. It’s time for you to turn your dream into reality.


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