To learn from your future self could be your life changer


Your future self sounds at the first sight like the most narcissistic thing you’ve ever heard of. However, often when somebody else writes in your name, you can take the necessary distance but at the same time absorb the message with attention.

This message from your future self is based on the fact that you read the blog posts that we have been publishing now for more than 5 years. There must be something that attracts you.

So here we go:


From Your Future Self


From your future self“Hi, it’s me, your future self, and I would like to give you an important message. Please read this, as it’s all about you.

About a year ago, exactly where you’re sitting right now, you were struggling with some eye-catching offers about how to start your own online business.

You were doing your very best to find out what was the best alternative for you. Your analysis was going around like a hamster wheel. To compare all pros and cons wasn’t an easy task. In the middle of your frustration, you even doubted about yourself.

“Do I actually have what it takes to be successful with an online business?”

To believe that it was possible pushed you through the whole process of analyses, frustrations, and confusion. You were scared.

It’s not a lie when I tell you that you waited until the very last minute to press that REGISTER NOW button, where Stuart Ross shows in a special webinar exactly how to make it all happen.

It took you a few days to realize that Launch You was the best decision you’ve ever made. Immediately, your coaches took care of you and introduced you to the fantastic community.

The training to get your business up and running started immediately. The energy was at the highest possible level. Never before had you experienced something similar. The conviction that you had found the right people made you happy, motivated, and calm that this was something that should change your life forever.

After the orientation phase, you were ready to launch your first campaign. You wanted to wait until the ad was perfect. But your coach insisted that it was good enough. During the test phase, you will make changes anyway.


Earning while learning

That is what we mean by earning while learning.

The next morning, guess what? Your first lead!

That was a moment you will remember forever.

With a lot of help and support, you made the necessary changes in your ad, and from now and onwards, you constantly got 5 to 10 leads per day. You delivered content that people out there were searching for. You felt a little overwhelming in the beginning, and you were a little confused about what you needed to do. However, whenever you needed it, the fantastic community of like-minded entrepreneurs was there to give advice.

Suddenly, it happens!

“Congratulations! You made a sale!”

The email was from the Launch You founders, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.

That was the moment when you got the confirmation that this really works. All doubts were gone, and from now and onward, your entrepreneurial journey started for real.

When going into something new like building your own business, we all have our doubts and reservations about if it’s really are going to work. You need something that can confirm your thoughts. There is nothing like a sale that gives a better confirmation.


The next step

Your business now had its foundation. You leveled up the whole activity with all new stuff available for you in the Launch You members area.

At a certain point, you did not only get some money into your bank account. The monthly income stream was more or less stable with a growing tendency. The recurring income stream helps keep the income within a certain span, even if the sales for the period were somewhat down. This is the beauty of a professional affiliate program.

So far, you had built your business during your spare time, and the moment two months ago was a milestone in your life. You can still see the face of your boss when you walked into his office and handed over your resignation from work that you had done very well. 

Can you believe that you did all this? And all in less than a year.

There were hard times as well as unforgettable moments. You did things that just a few months earlier seemed to be completely impossible.

The truth, however, as fun as it was to start making some money in your business, the enjoyable part came when you saw the results from your customers. You began to build your tribe of enthusiastic entrepreneurs. A group of positive people who understand the importance of helping other people achieve the same result in life as yourself.

Your business has reached a new level only after a year, and you focus on scaling your business. The sky is the limit, as the famous quote says.




Let Your Future Self be Reality


Let your future self be realityIt could be that you might see this “your future self” letter as unbelievable. How to do all these things? But that’s the thing about Launch You – it walks you through every single step of building your online business in a way that makes it feel doable.

Suddenly, you will find yourself doing things you never would have believed you could do. And not only that. Once in the flow, you will find yourself actually capable to do so much more.

Now there is a thing – YOU have to take the first step!

So after reading your future self letter, let’s make that letter a true story.

Hide that fear or doubt we all have when seeing something new and exciting. Press the button now, and I’ll see you on the other side.

Register now!


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