Starting your online business in October is a clever choice


Launching your online business in October gives you an excellent probability of success. Why is it like that?

Some people believe a lot in zodiac explanations of things around you. It could have exciting angles of specific approaches, but in general terms, I’m pretty skeptical.

What always gets my attention are statistics and facts in different forms. No matter your personal opinion, a figure is a figure, and the fact is always the fact. The success of your online business start-up in October perhaps could be tricky to show as a statistical fact, but let’s give it a try.


Your Online Business in October Improves Probability of Success


Your Online Business in October Improve Probability of SuccessIs there such a thing as the “best” time of year to start a business? Businesses start all the time but could it be that certain times of the year are better for launching a business? Let’s start with possible seasonable variations to see if we can find the answer.

Seasons matter

To make a very brief summary of the seasonable variations, studies show that:

  • Winter is the season to finish good the present year and make plans for the coming year
  • Spring used to be the period of the year when a lot of paperwork and administrative issues had to be solved
  • Summer is the typical season for breaks and relax
  • Autumn entrepreneurs are more active. Change in the season itself can be a big motivator. The kids are back to school. So, why shouldn’t it mean back to business for adults?

But why October?

You are invited to answer the question yourself by doing this little survey:

  1. Have the last 75 days gone really well for you?
  2. Big wins?
  3. No longer “just keeping up with everything to survive”
  4. The plan you had for this year has so far worked out very well
  5. You have a detailed plan on what to do in 2023

How many “Yes” and how many “No” did you get? Be honest with yourself. You are the only one who will be suffering from non-transparent answers.

“Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”

From the Lion King

Today there are exactly 75 days left of this year, and during these 75 days, we can together make a change. Let’s work on making 2023 your best year ever by acting today.

Try to view yourself as choosing to do something different and commit yourself to such a change. Close your eyes and see how your business starts to pull in money to your bank account regularly in January.

How does that feel?

Another choice

As always in life, you’re the architect of your destiny, and you can take a different direction.

You change nothing and continue the same path as always. You survive but have difficulties projecting a future of a more bright nature. December comes, and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, as it allows you a break from your daily routines.

These days you rest as much as possible to be physically and mentally ready to start working the first week of January. You will continue in the same position as in December with the same job.

How does that make you feel?

It’s your life, and it’s your choice.


Your Online Business in October Will Change It All

Your Online Business in October Will Change It AllStarting today with Modern Wealthy is the first step. You get the blueprint in place and can create your own business from there. Get your ducks in a row before the upcoming holidays in December, and you’ll be in a perfect position to kick off 2023 with a big bang!

In an article a few weeks ago, three ways to start your online business were analyzed. Today we will focus on Modern Wealthy.

The Modern Wealthy training program is perfectly timed to ensure your business plan is ready before the holiday. This means you can enjoy the end of December with your family, knowing you have your business under control.

What will be your choice?

Forget the New Year with all resolutions that most probably won’t be fulfilled anyway. Or, continue life as usual, and one year from now, you will start questioning yourself again.

Why now?

Get out of your comfort zone and focus on achieving what you really want. Do not wait for the “perfect” time in your life to make changes because it will never come as you think.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Chinese Proverb

There will always be distractions and other things coming up in your way.

“It sounds good, but I’ll wait until I have more time.”

“Right now, I don’t have the resources to invest in this.”

I bet you can add that to the list of excuses for not allowing yourself to show that you can create the lifestyle you really want.

Be careful because it’s a trap.

Watch out for the trap

It’s a fairy tale, limiting your belief that you can’t do it. And when you’re stuck in the loop, it will be hard to find a way out. Your inner negative voice repeats the same story, and you’ll become one of the many people who will spend your entire life in their (safe) comfort zone.

How exciting wouldn’t it be to leave that comfort zone and progress with your own life? Many have already done it, and they all will ask the same question, and you will probably do the same.

“How long time will it take until this works for me?”

People who already have succeeded have to challenge themselves to get where they are.

Their first step was to take action.

The truth is that the first step is the most complicated part of the whole process. But once inside, the trick is just to keep it simple. That’s where Modern Wealthy comes in. It’s a structured, tailored process where you learn everything about online marketing from scratch.

It’s a unique program for anyone with the right mindset, where nothing will be left to your own imagination or trial and error methods.

Once again, I would like you to imagine the picture when I ask you:

Where do you want to be in January 2023? How would you like to feel on the first of January?

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